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Lift system
26 July 2016

Modern conference systems are characterized by a high level of comfort and ergonomics.

One of the latest hardware components of the conference system is the touch screens for information support meetings that serve much longer when have the lift mechanism that provides vertical rise screen of the workplace only if it is necessary. Screens which hidden in mine of elevator system are exposed less influence of domestic pollutants, it increases the service life of monitor and monoblock.

This unique solution for rooms with a lot of workplaces, since the possibility of remote control (e.g. from operator’s workplace) of the position of lift mechanisms– for convenience of simultaneous raising and lowering of all the screens -, is foreseen.

Equally important feature of SOLTEC production is an ability to change touchscreen tilt angle. User may regulate the position of the touchscreen as he wishes. It’s especially useful in halls with different lighting where glares on screens may occur.

Example of realization with ASUS all-in-ones and uncontrolled lift system

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