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“OnLine” version of thePatentem

Using Digital Signature for authentication and sign “results”
Remote voting
Using collective work during agenda formation
Working with accompanying documents onLine
Creating and publication protocol under normal operating conditions
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The main difference of the Patentem OnLine version of the proposed Patentem software is ability to conduct meetings using video conferencing and to vote online using a digital signature for secure and reliable authentication and sign “results”. Whereas there are all other features of the standard version of the Patentem software package also available!

Patentem Online
Patentem onLine
Digital Signature – authorization and sign “results”
Digital signature is used for secure and reliable authentication. System allows all voters to sign their “results” by using Digital Signature after the completion of voting.
All participants attend meetings using video-conferencing and vote staying home. System provides online broadcasting meeting video and create minutes after the meeting, with the possibility to publish on the council’s official website in short order.

System has 3 main scenarios:

  • voting for selected agenda issue;
  • voting for agenda issue list;
  • voting without reference to agenda issue with the possibility to enter the title of the vote during the meeting.

Voting is conducted in accordance with the regulations.
The agenda is forming with the use of convenient tools which allow to import questions from Excel and add questions in a manual mode. It is possible to drag-drop questions, edit the names of the agenda issues and add “sub-issues” to any questions using tree maps. You can add accompanying documents and speakers for any issue.
Patentem OnLine has a wide range of settings which helps you to follow the rules of the meeting proceeding in accordance with the regulations. You can add users, customize voting options per you need.
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