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Telecard LLC

Implemented PATENTEM system in a Telecard LLC.

Telecard LLC
Televic Conference Confidea T - Tabletop Series
  • Chairman`s workstation
  • Participant`s workstation
  • Operator`s workstation
  • Mobile application

Existence is impossible without communication. Through communication we express our ideas, thoughts, desires and cooperate to bring positive changes to the world around us. The end of 19th century was marked by the invention of telephone that made it possible to communicate over thousands of miles and bring people even closer to each other. Since then, telecommunication has become an integral part of human’s life, and no one can imagine his life without it.

TeleCard company specializes in complex IT solutions for cities. TeleCard company is created for realization of ambitious projects in the sphere of automation of city services. Having a large number of partners producing both hardware and software components, the company flexibly selects suitable solutions to correspond to the tasks of each city. However, the company faced a situation when their old conference system was not handling the imposed tasks. The situation changed when Pantem electronic meeting system for session and voting was implemented. These are only a few advantages company noticed while working with Patentem system:

  • Since Patentem system has implemented paperless technology of collective work hard copies became irrelevant;
  • Different modes of voting made meeting more versatile;
  • Ability to set up vote weight for each meeting participant affected the decision making process in a positive way;
  • Company found an ability to access the system from any device extremely useful for obvious reasons.
Modules customization
Integration with internal personnel inventory system.
Integration with corporate calendar.
Ability to give the floor to several delegates simultaneously.