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Agricultural company

Implemented PATENTEM system in a rapidly developing agricultural company of Ukraine.

Commercial company
Televic Conference Confidea T - Tabletop Series
  • Chairman`s workstation
  • Participant`s workstation
  • Operator`s workstation
  • Mobile application

Life is a progress, a constant development and evolving in something new, better and modern. Each sphere of human life require modernization and upgrade, and the lack of which may have negative or even drastic ramifications. That’s exactly what faced our client, a rapidly developing agricultural company of Ukraine. To maximize the results of Televic conference system, a decision was made to install Patentem software that will make the process of meeting holding even easier and more effective.

Our client reported that since the installation date no malfunctions have been detected, the quality of video and presentation materials of the speaker have increased, and a capability of setting up personal type of voting has contributed to the diversity and productivity of issue solving process. Combined with up-to-date Televic technologies, Patentem hi-end electronic meeting system showed outstanding performance and helped company to make a next step on its way of development.

The system can be used in different configurations both with PC or tablets.

Modules customization
Integration with internal accounting system.
Setting up of vote weight for each delegate separately.
Ability to upload of video to each agenda issue.
Capability of meeting guests’ involvement with agenda issues.