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Pharmaceutical company

Implemented PATENTEM system in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies on a French market.

Commercial company
Televic Conference Confidea T - Tabletop Series
  • Chairman`s workstation
  • Participant`s workstation
  • Operator`s workstation
  • Mobile application

First and major priority for any successful business is quality. A lot of businesses follow a philosophy that only a company who puts quality over income can be successful. This is what successful company is looking for in its work, products and partners. And this is what one of the leading pharmaceutical companies on a French market with more than 40 offices across France and Western Europe found in Patentem software.

The company’s decision to change out previous electronic meeting system was determined by slow performance, inability to provide HD video picture during meeting and several other displeasing factors. Hopefully, in 2016 a complex of Televic hardware and Patentem software was successfully implemented and eliminated existing drawbacks. Moreover, Patentem product introduced such useful developments as:

  • Being multilingual, it allows to conduct crucial cross-cultural meetings without fear of being misunderstood.
  • Practical meeting minutes that are automatically uploaded to company’s website.
  • Mobile application makes it easier to keep track of all important issues of upcoming meetings.

The system can be used in different configurations both with PC or tablets.

Modules customization
Integration with internal document management system.
Integration with internal personnel inventory system.
Additional capability to create the second level agenda issues.
Additional reports on voting results per each delegate.