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Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine

Implemented PATENTEM system in the session hall of the Committee on state building, regional policy and local government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

17 workstations, March 2016.

The Parliament of Ukraine
Bosch DCN NG
  • Chairman`s workstation
  • Participant`s workstation
  • Info screens
  • Operator`s workstation
  • Mobile application

The main tasks of of the Committee on state building, regional policy and local government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are execution of law project work, according to issues that fall under the Committee’s jurisdiction, preparation and preliminary review of issues, falling within the jurisdiction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as execution of key functions:

  • working out draft laws and other acts of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • generalization of comments and suggestions to draft laws;
  • making suggestions to forward planning of law project work;
  • participation in a formation of agenda for the Verkhovna Rada’s plenary meetings;
  • consideration of petitions to the Committee in accordance with the established procedure etc.

For the purpose of improvement of quality and modernization of work of the legislative authority in 2016 in the session hall of the Committee PATENTEM electronic meeting and voting system was implemented.

PATENTEM is a new step in providing professional complex support in organization and holding of sessions, meeting, conferences etc.

Main functional capabilities of PATENTEM system include:

  • collective work on formation of Committee’s meeting agenda with a function of generalization of of comments and suggestions to draft laws;
  • process of voting can be carried out in different modes: open, closed, and secret;
  • display of voting results in different variants - group or by name in numeric or graphic forms;
  • display at participants’ workstations and on additional information screens online video of a speaker and his presentation materials;
  • work in the system from any device (all-in-one, laptop, tablet etc.);
  • management of delegates’ workstations: screens turning on/off, restart of computers, lowering and raising of lift mechanisms, as well as control over statuses of workstations;
  • formation of electronic minutes of a session when it’s over.
Modules customization
Functions of adding prearranged issues is granted, as well as transferring of specified agenda issues to “Reserved” section during the meeting are added.
A function to vote for the whole agenda at once or for each issue separately depending on the stage of a meeting is added. During the voting for each issue separately, a function of choosing a short conclusion is present. Short conclusions are an edited reference book that can be managed through administrator panel of the system.
Guests MGMT
Functions of management of guests’ speeches, who are not members of the Committee, and starting their presentation materials are added.
I think that PATENTEM - is not just a step to the European system, but also a proactive step to a better future.
Oleksiy Goncharenko
Committee Secretary
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PATENTEM is not only a hi-end electronic meeting system, but, what is more important, an imperative of our time.
Liubomyr Zubach
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With PATENTEM system, in the Committee’s work everything is structured, clear and perfect. In one word, in a way any parliament should operate.
Alyona Shkrum
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