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Coordination Board of the Parliament of Ukraine

Implemented PATENTEM system in the session hall of the Coordination Board of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

42 workstations, December, 2015

The Parliament of Ukraine
Bosch DCN NG
  • Chairman`s workstation
  • Participant`s workstation
  • Info screens
  • Operator`s workstation
  • Tribune
  • Mobile application

The task of any public authority in a country is to provide the most comfortable labour and living conditions for the society. The Coordination Board of Ukraine in no exception. This legislative authority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is responsible for the review and approval of propositions to draft agenda of the Verkhovna Rada’s sessions, formation of draft agendas for each regular and special plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, initiation of revision of recent legislative proposals and draft bills with regard to its conformance to the present Verkhovna Rada’s requirements and so on.

PATENTEM is a revolutionary system that is called to change a typic opinion about meeting holding. System allows to solve some of the key problems any legislative authority, including The Coordination Board of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, face:

  • detailed rules of a system make even the slightest violation of regulatory standards impossible;
  • the problem of hard copies is solved due to the implemented paperless technology of collective work with agenda formation and integration with the Verkhovna Rada’s draft bills database;
  • a so-called “ghost voting” is eliminated due to a strict control over present participants of the meeting and their authentication in the system with personal chip cards.

A wide range of PATENTEM electronic meeting and voting system includes:

  • function of software increment and rework of software capabilities;
  • integration with Customer’s databases and information systems for document management;
  • integration capability with Microsoft Active Directory and other services for user identification and centralized management of users’ permits;
  • function of online video streaming of a session on official website of organization and YouTube channel.
Modules customization
A function to vote for all law drafts simultaneously by means of “Accept” and “Reject” buttons is added.
Integration with draft laws database of the Verkhovna Rada is carried out with a capability of tracking the stages of draft law passing and assignment of individual statuses according to the stage.
Special capabilities
Personal buttons for calling guards, assistants, bringing water are added for the Chairman.
Customization of the process of agenda approval of the Coordination Board in the system is realized in accordance with the Coordination Board’s regulations, presented in a form of steps with reference to responsible employees and is followed by notifications, sent inside the system and to emails.
PATENTEM corresponds to the modern demands of society in regard to transparency and openness of processes that take place in our country.
Viacheslav Dorovskiy
CEO "Leater" company
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Robert Bosch GmbH is a global company that has been operating on a market for more than 13o years and has experience of conference system realization in more than 100 institutions around the globe.
Sergey Baranovskiy
Manager of development "Robert Bosch GmbH"
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