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Belgian start-up launches crowdbeamer - a unique presentation system
28 Feb 2017

The Antwerp start-up company is launching a presentation system which is unique in the world. ‘Crowdbeamer’ allows a presenter or speaker to distribute pictures, texts and graphs to the audience immediately. Attendants can capture these images with their own smartphone, laptop or tablet, annotate them on the spot and store any information as desired. This unique presentation system works everywhere, even where there is no Internet.

Crowdbeamer is a unique presentation system with a simple method of receiving, storing and annotating images and presentations immediately, as well as adding extra content or personal comments – and all this on your own smartphone, laptop or tablet. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, you can take notes digitally and save what you wish straight away.

Crowdbeamer is flexible, mobile and operates without an Internet connection. With the aid of crowdbeamer you can make a presentation at any time ánd anywhere: not only during classic meetings or sales talks, but also in open air, on construction sites, during a dinner, on a bus or train, in hotel lobbies.

Crowdbeamer was developed by Hans Romaen and Peter Ryckaert.

The founders developed crowdbeamer in collaboration with a team of European experts, who were responsible for the concrete realisation. The system was tested and validated in iMinds’ technology laboratory.