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System's interaction with other services
27 Jan 2017

Little efforts are required for anyone to work with Patentem system. Automatic synchronization with various services accelerates your work and makes it more effective.

Detailed integration scheme
– Synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory system to obtain the relevant information of memebers of the meeting ( users) and their rights.
– Interaction with an electronic document management system and databases to fill the agenda with a supporting documents to be able to review them in soft copies.
– Full integration with central management module of Bosch DCN CCU2 conference system: control over registration of a participants of a meeeting managment of microphones, signing up for a speech and formation of a list of speakers.
– Display in “Live” module current “active” videostream of a speaker from a camera with auyo tracking and broadcast of a meeting on a website
– Display on an information screens in a meeting room up-to-date information: broadcast of video, speaker’s presentation, voting results etc.
- Mobile application for immediate access to up-to-date agenda with accompanying documents