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Integrated Systems Europe 2017
16 Jan 2017

This year in Amsterdam from 7 to 10 February will be held Integrated Systems Europe 2017 – the 14th and by far the the largest exhibition in the event’s history. Besides extra 3 thousand square meters, the exhibition organizers have invited 135 new exhibitors. We were lucky to be among of them and present for wide range of visitors our unique product – Patentem that is a Hi-End complex solution for meetings and votings with Soltec Touchable RET monitor at Soltec booth.

On our website you probably have got acquainted with broad functionality of our product, but at the exhibition, we will explain the operation of separate modules will tell more about modern methods of preparation and holding of the meeting. We will demonstrate different ways of voting through which the decision making process is effective for any type of event by using Patentem. Also our representatives will show how convenient is to manage workstations with Patentem.You would have great opportunity to try the system on your own and deeply understand the functionality and capabilities of each module. During the exhibition we will show hi-end hardware with our partners Soltec and Bosch Companies that offer modern touch screens, conference systems and other possible integrated components.

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